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Four terms you need to understand when you buy health insurance

If you want to choose the right health insurance solution for your situation, you need to understand how a health insurance policy works. At Sprout Insurance, we can help you understand your health insurance options in Nettleton, MS. 

You need to understand the following four terms when buying health insurance.  

Open enrollment period

When it comes to buying health insurance, consumers often need to be aware of an open enrollment period. An open enrollment period is a specific period of time when a health insurance plan accepts new enrollees. 

If you want to buy coverage from a provider that specifies an open enrollment period, you will only have a limited period during the year to buy coverage. 


Coinsurance is an additional cost you’ll have to cover after your premium payment to get the necessary health care coverage. Coinsurance is typically a percentage of the total costs for medical care. 


A copay is similar to coinsurance. You’ll need to cover your copay out of pocket. However, a copay is usually a fixed dollar amount rather than a percentage of the cost of service. 

Out-of-pocket maximum

Policyholders may have to cover numerous costs in addition to their monthly premiums. A policy’s out-of-pocket maximum limits how much a policyholder can possibly pay in one year for needed medical care services.

The lower your out-of-pocket maximum, the more affordable your needed healthcare will be after your monthly premiums are covered. 

If you’re in the market for health insurance, call Sprout Insurance to get a quote. We offer insurance coverage to consumers in Nettleton, MS.