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Umbrella Insurance in Mississippi

Understanding umbrella insurance will be essential if you have multiple assets within Nettleton, MS that may be compromised during unexpected disasters. Umbrella coverage offers protection when your primary Mississippi policies can no longer cover your liability claims, keeping your finances secure. Below, Sprout Insurance tackles some areas that umbrella insurance covers.

Property Damage Liability

If you are found liable for an auto accident that significantly damages 3rd party property, umbrella insurance will help you cover the ensuing expenses. This will allow you to settle costs exceeding your auto coverage, ensuring that 3rd party repair and replacement costs are taken care of. Umbrella insurance will pay for repair costs if your guests’ property gets damaged and your home coverage gets exhausted.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability helps you pay for injuries that 3rd parties sustain during an accident you cause. This can be from auto accidents or when guests in your home fall or get injured by pets. If your home policy cannot cover the needed medical bills, umbrella insurance will pay for the hospital expenses.

Rental Unit Damage Costs

Umbrella insurance will also help you pay rental unit liability claims. This can arise when tenants get injured in communal spaces such as sidewalks or when pets injure visitors on your rental property. Umbrella insurance will help you cover the hospital bills and the legal costs when you are sued for these damages.

Other Claims

If your primary policies do not cover the above, umbrella insurance will help fill the gap and compensate you for everyday claims. These can be libel, slander, and false arrest or imprisonment. Others covered by umbrella coverage include mental anguish claims and malicious prosecution, allowing you to settle legal fees and any damages awarded during your lawsuit.

To get any of the above coverage within Nettleton, Tupelo or surrounding areas, contact Sprout Insurance today. Our policies can help protect you when you encounter unexpected hazards during your Mississippi residence.


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