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Why your home-based business needs commercial insurance

Home-based businesses have been growing in popularity for many years. They are even more popular today. Not having to pay rent or a mortgage for your business location is one very important reason for its popularity.  At Sprout Insurance in Nettleton, MS we have a team of insurance experts who are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service. We work for our customers, and we can provide more choices since we can deal with multiple carriers.  

Why your home-based business needs commercial insurance

Property insurance

When your business is located in your home, you may believe that your home insurance provides all the protection you need. While home insurance may provide some coverage for your business, it is not designed to cover the items you need to do business. Most business property will not easily be mistaken for personal property that you would have in your home. This will leave you with inadequate coverage in the event a hazard hits. 

Liability coverage

Home insurance does have liability coverage that will protect you if you get into a situation where someone is injured at your home or by a member of your family. However, if you have the sort of business where customers or clients will visit you at your home-based business, you can’t count on your personal home insurance to protect you if someone is injured. Home insurance won’t cover anyone visiting you for reasons of business who is injured, or if your business is sued.   

Commercial auto insurance

If you need to use your personal vehicle to do business, it is important that you have commercial auto insurance on it. Your personal auto insurance will not cover you if you are using your vehicle for business. That is dangerous to your finances. 

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